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"One of the pleasures of working with the WeComply staff is the high rate of responsiveness. Their hallmarks are courtesy, consistency and timeliness."

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Why WeComply?

Why WeComply?

Compare and you'll see WeComply offers the most flexible and cost-effective ethics and compliance training solutions. We've applied dozens of years of legal, training and technology experience to craft an approach that is —

Check Comprehensive

Our catalog includes a wide range of compliance training courses, all written by experienced practitioners. If you don't see what you need, we'll work with you to create it!

Check Custom-tailored

If you need customized content, our patented system enables you to customize any part of a course however and whenever you want to, as often as you see fit.

Check Edutaining

Every WeComply course features clever business-ethics illustrations, interactive quizzes and exercises, and a final test in the form of several training games.

Check Accountable

Our powerful administration and tracking tools enable you to monitor employee usage and comprehension securely in real time. Manage automatic e-mail "reminder" messages and create custom/scheduled tracking reports as needed.

Check Cost-Effective

Online training is less expensive than printing and delivering manuals, videotapes and DVDs — and much less expensive when you "do it yourself" with WeComply DIY, our new self-service offering.

Check Accessible

Our courses run on almost any computer that can connect to the Internet. No special hardware or software is required, nor is a fast web connection.

Check Interoperable

Because our training courses conform to the AICC and SCORM standards the industry standards for e-learning interoperability they can be launched and tracked from any learning management system.

Check Secure

Our training-management and e-commerce systems comply with the strict security requirements of Verisign™ and TRUSTe™, the industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions




How much do WeComply courses cost?

We offer per-credit, per-employee and per-course pricing plans to meet varying needs. Which of these plans is the most cost-effective depends on the number of employees you intend to train, how many training courses each employee will take, and whether your organization has a learning management system (LMS). For more information about pricing, please e-mail us or call our sales department at 1-866-WeComply.

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How long does it take an employee to complete a typical course?

We know that your employees' time is valuable, and we've taken this into account in the design of our courses. Depending on the course and an employee's pace, WeComply training courses take 25 to 45 minutes, start to finish.

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Who writes WeComply's courses?

WeComply's team of authors and editors represents a broad spectrum of backgrounds, experience, and disciplines. Our courses are written by legal educators, practicing attorneys and published experts and edited by experienced legal editors — all working together to create comprehensive, readable training content.

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Do our computers need to be equipped with special hardware or software in order to use the courses?

WeComply courses run on any web-connected computer with a standard web browser (version 6 or higher). The free Flash player is required for courses with audio or video, as are speakers or headphones. All courses are also offered without audio or video.

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Do we need a high-speed connection to the Internet?

No. A faster connection is useful for courses that include audio or video, but all courses are also offered without audio or video.

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How can I track my employees' usage of WeComply's courses?

You'll have 24x7 access to our tracking, reporting and automated "reminder" e-mail tools. You can look at tracking data in real time from a password-protected, SSL-encrypted web page, or export the tracking data in a form compatible with your HR database.

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What kind of learning management system (LMS) does WeComply use?

We developed (and patented) our own LMS with self-service in mind. If your organization already has an LMS, you can launch and track our courses from that system, as well.

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Can we launch and track WeComply courses from our existing LMS?

Yes. Because WeComply courses are designed to AICC and SCORM specifications (the industry standards for interoperable e-learning), they integrate seamlessly with standards-conformant learning management systems.

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How do you link to our HR database?

WeComply's customer-support team can assist you with HR database-linking, including syncing, field-mapping and secure FTP. We can import records of your organization's employees from a simple database report provided by your HR department. Likewise, we can export tracking data from our system to yours in a format that your HR system can read.

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Is my data (and my organization's data) secure?

WeComply systems comply with the strict security requirements of Verisign™ and TRUSTe™, the industry standards for online security. All web pages with user-tracking and administration information are password-protected and SSL-encrypted.

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What do you mean that WeComply's compliance training courses are "customizable"?

Good question. While many online training providers promise customizability, they offer only klunky "sticky notes" or the ability to add a company logo to the first page of a course or a link to the company's employee policies on the last page.

In contrast, WeComply's content is 100% customizable. Use our patented content-delivery system to edit any element of our courses — text, graphics, quiz questions and answers, user feedback — however and whenever you want to, as often as you see fit. Some of our clients have edited the course content to emphasize issues of particular importance to them. Others have custom-tailored the quiz questions and answers to make them organization-specific. You can make changes from any web browser, or you can send us your changes and we'll put them in plac for youe.

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Can we change the testing portion of the product so that it is not in the form of a game?

Yes. While WeComply offers your employees six different interactive quiz/games or a straightforward quiz, our administrative tools give you the power to override these choices and offer the quiz alone or even to dispense with the quiz entirely if you chose to.

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What happens if the law changes during the term of our license?

WeComply's editorial team monitors changes in the law closely. We revise content as needed and make updates available at no additional charge.

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What if there's a course my company needs that WeComply doesn't offer?

WeComply has created many custom business ethics and compliance training courses for our clients. If there are special courses that your organization is looking for, we would be pleased to work with you to create them. Our team of attorney-authors can help you write new materials or re-shape existing content to fit our template.

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Can we use some of the training materials we already have?

Absolutely. Whether your compliance training courses are delivered live, in print, online or on CD-ROM, WeComply can assist you in adapting your content to fit our delivery system. Our approach will make the training experience more engaging and fun for your employees, and it will provide your organization with an "audit trail" confirming that the employees actually used and comprehended the training content.

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How do WeComply's online training courses fit with our Code of Conduct?

For many organizations, their first foray into business ethics and compliance training is publishing a Code of Conduct and requiring employees to read and sign it before putting it into their bottom desk drawer. A much more engaging and enduring way to accomplish the same thing is to put the Code of Conduct online and create a training course around it with WeComply's training games. We'd be happy to show you some examples and put you in touch with some of our clients who've made this work year after year.

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