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WeComply Introduces Phone-Based Compliance Training

Tele-Track 3000 is ultra-convenient alternative to computer-based training

Mt. Kisco, NY (April 4, 2006) — WeComply Inc., a leader in web-based compliance training for corporate employees, is the first provider to add phone-based compliance training to its product line. WeComply's new Tele-Track 3000 provides customizable training that company employees can access anytime from any phone. It offers a convenient alternative both for on-the-go executives and for employees without computer or Internet access.

Tele-Track 3000 is the latest in a series of innovative compliance-training products from WeComply. WeComply introduced PDA-based training in 2002 and "podcasted" training in 2005. All of WeComply's 40+ programs train employees on company policies and applicable laws in an effort to help companies avoid and detect illegal and unethical behavior.

David Simon, WeComply's President, believes that as people continue to look to their phone for more content and computer-like functionality, phone-based training will prove to be one of the most useful workplace applications. "Using interactive voice response (IVR) technology, phone-based training can give employees a much more immersive, interactive and engaging learning experience than the one-way communication of a video, booklet or podcast," he said.

Just as important as the employees' completion of training is the employer's ability to track and report on those completions. "Many companies distribute training on CD-ROMs, in booklets or on videotapes without really knowing if their employees ever read or view them, let alone understand them," Simon said.

WeComply's phone-based training requires employees to participate through key-presses and voice responses to a mix of quiz questions and role-playing prompts. The Tele-Track system collects tracking data for each call and automatically sends it to a database, where company administrators can create reports on training in all forms — whether online, on the phone or on an iPod.

"The reality on the ground was that we needed to figure out a way for our manufacturing and retail clients to train lots of employees who don't have computers or Internet access, but who have cell phones clipped to their belts," Simon said. By calling a toll-free Tele-Track number and participating in the interactive role-playing and quizzes, employees are able to complete their training assignments from any phone at any time.

WeComply's partnership with Proskauer Rose LLP, a leading labor and employment law firm, assures that the training content is legally sound and current. WeComply's use-based pricing assures that the training will be cost-effective for companies of all sizes.

About WeComply

WeComply offers more than 40 online training programs on a broad range of compliance topics, including Code of Conduct, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Antitrust, Privacy, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and Insider Training. WeComply is both the Association of Corporate Counsel's and NASDAQ Stock Market's "alliance partner" for online compliance training. WeComply's training programs are in use by numerous large and small companies worldwide. More information is available at www.wecomply.com or by calling 1.866.WeComply.

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WeComply, Inc.
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